I passed the AWS SAA-C01 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam!

Since I passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam last year I've continued using and exploring AWS cloud solutions so I decided to put that knowledge and experience to the test and attempt the AWS SAA exam.

The exam covers how to configure the common AWS services to provide scalable and reliable cloud solutions.  It's challenging because instead of simple questions with one clear answer it includes many "word problem" or real world type scenarios that need to be thoroughly read and understood before choosing the answer with the correct solution.

To prepare for the course I signed up for the AWS Certified Solution Architect course by Ryan Kroonenburg on Udemy.  I skimmed through that parts on S3, EC2, Route53, IAM, and Cloudformation since I already had experience with these and focused on the services I was not as familiar with and the labs that tied all these services together.

I'm not sure where I'll go from here as far as AWS certs as there's several attractive possibilities.  The logical course would be to continue on to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional cert, but from what I can tell it goes in to much further depth for each of the AWS services and would require a significant amount of study.  The AWS Certified Developer - Associate cert seems to be a great way to learn to create cloud based applications, but again, not sure if I have the study time to devote to this.  Also, my existing infosec knowledge may give me a headstart on the AWS Certified Security - Specialty cert.  Will have to look at the requirements for them and see what time allows.

Link to Digital Badge: https://www.certmetrics.com/amazon/public/badge.aspx?i=1&t=c&d=2019-02-22&ci=AWS00446164