Today I successfully passed the eJPT exam!

The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification is a practical certification from eLearnSecurity.  eJPT is a 100% practical certification on penetration testing and  information security essentials. By passing the challenging exam and  obtaining the eJPT certificate, a penetration tester can prove their  skills in the fastest growing area of information security.

Preparation for the eJPT exam was done by completing the eLearnSecurity PTS v3 (Penetration Testing Student v3) course.

eJPT Certificate #EJPT-3535649

Knowledge Domains

  • Good knowledge of TCP/IP
  • Good knowledge of IP routing
  • Good knowledge of LAN protocols and devices
  • Good knowledge of HTTP and web technologies
  • Essential penetration testing processes and methodologies
  • Basic Vulnerability Assessment of Networks
  • Basic Vulnerability Assessment of Web Applications
  • Exploitation with Metasploit
  • Simple Web application Manual exploitation
  • Basic Information Gathering and Reconnaissance
  • Simple Scanning and Profiling the target