Today I attended another EH-NET webinar: From Dev to Infosec: #MyInfoSecStory with guest Rey Bango of Microsoft.

I definitely enjoyed listening to Rey talk about his history, experiences, and recommendations.  Like Rey, I have decades of experience in my current career but am looking to change my career path into infosec.  I had a feeling of validation to learn that I have already incorporated many of the items he recommended in my own plan and also learned a few new ideas to boot.  Unless your entry into the info field is guaranteed,  changing careers to infosec is likely to be a challenge and why I'd highly recommend watching the replay of this when it's available.

Agenda for “From Dev to InfoSec: #MyInfoSecStory”:

Note: Subject to Change
  • Intro by Don Donzal, EH-Net Editor-in-Chief
  • Preso by Rey Bango of Microsoft
  •  Bio The Spark The Road Not Taken Practice, practice, practice! Career Opportunities Building Your Skillset It’s the Journey  
  • Winners of eLS #MyInfoSecStory Contest
  • Q&A
  • Post Game on EH-Net